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Main Goals
  • To contribute to set up the health priorities throughout the design and execution of observational trials and epidemiological supervision.
  • To generate Knowledge in the Health area carrying out researches with Qualitative and Quantitative approaches.
  • To identify the effective Health Interventions in order to prevent or treat major problems, throughout the desing and execution of Systematic reviews.
  • To seek original solutions to unsolved major problems, throughout thorough clinical trials.
  • To promote the use of humanized and scientific evidence based healthcare between health providers and users.
  • To train health providers on research methods and evidence based clinical practice.
Clinical & Epidemiological Research Unit Montevideo

The Clinical & Epidemiological Research Unit Montevideo is an independent non-profit organization, composed by professionals of the biological and social sciences, as well as information technology, whose goal is to contribute, through research and teaching activities, to improve global health.

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